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Takayuki Yoshimura

Takayuki Yoshimura

Deputy Manager, Small Cell Development Department, Radio Planning Division, SoftBank Corp.

Takayuki Yoshimura is Deputy Manager of SmallCell Development Department at SoftBank Corp, and he had been actively involved in Standardization activities at ITU-T , 3GPP, and FemtoCell Forum in 1993-2010 for UMTS.

His main responsibility is feature specification development of SmallCells, such as Indoor LTE SmallCell, Indoor or Outdoor SmallCell with UE Relay at SoftBank Corp.

He has been closely working with partner companies in Israel, Korea, UK, and US.

Prior to joining Japan Telecom in 1990 (today merged into SoftBank), he was involved with Online software development of International, Transit and Local Telephone switching systems at a vendor for 9.5 years.


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