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Jong Hur

Jong Hur

Senior Manager, Network Technology R&D Centre, SK Telecom

Mr. Jong Hur as the Senior Manager of Network Technology R&D Center is currently responsible for developing Small cell and LTE-A Pro technologies at SK Telecom.

He joined SK Telecom at 2000, and worked for the 3G Mobile and RAN System. From 2009, he had not only worked for the operation and management for 3G and 4G system including Femto in Seoul metropolitan area, but also taken a responsibility for the improvement of wireless communication quality. He had successfully developed and commercialized the world-first LTE Femto and security-enhanced HPSIM Femto. He has been currently developing the LAA RU and LAA Femto this year.

His current interest mainly focuses on offering customers not only fast speeds, but also increased capacity by combining licensed and unlicensed spectrum and also improving the quality of small cells.


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